Cool Gums Teething Gel 2-Pack

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Braces, mouth irritation, sensitive teeth, soothing for nursing moms, toothpaste training, and TEETHING are just some of the annoyances that Cool Gums Teething Gel can help with. Absolutely no belladonna, benzocaine, clove oil, preservatives or unnecessary additives that don’t belong in anyone’s mouth. Help comfort a teething baby with the natural soothing agents or soothe mouth discomfort for your teen. And don’t forget that it also includes Xylitol for some added dental hygiene benefits.* Stay cool!

What’s included: 

Two tubes of Cool Gums Teething Gel


  • Doctor developed and recommended for use on teething infants
  • Contains natural soothing agents*
  • Calms and soothes tender gums*
  • Natural and clinically-proven ingredients
  • Sweet mint taste
  • 100% drug-free
  • No Belladonna or Benzocaine (or Clove Oil or Lidocaine, or anything else potentially toxic and harmful to babies and children)
  • No preservatives or unnecessary additives
  • 15 ml per tube

Other Uses:

Teething Gel can also be used for braces, mouth irritation, sensitive teeth, soothing for nursing moms, and toothpaste training.

How To Use:

  • Apply a pea-sized amount to the gums as needed and gently massage to provide fast relief.
  • Can also be used as a training toothpaste! Consult your doctor for a worsening condition.

Pro Tips/Things To Know:

  • Store in the fridge for an enhanced cooling feeling
  • Apply to pacifier then put in baby’s mouth
  • Use training toothbrush to apply the Teething Gel
  • The menthol and peppermint included in Wink Cool Gums Teething Gel is properly diluted and 100% safe for oral consumption in babies, children, and adults


  • Do not use on open wounds or sores
  • Consult your doctor in the unlikely event of a negative reaction


Glycerin - Vegetable based gel base

Xylitol - Sweetener with oral/dental health benefits


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Soothing agent

Cellulose Gum - Natural thickener

Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate - Emulsifier

Menthol - Cooling effect

Mentha Piperita (peppermint oil) - Cooling effect

Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract - Soothing agent

Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Licorice) Root Extract - Soothing agent


Shipping & Returns: 

We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service. Most of our orders are shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed over the weekend will be packaged and sent out first thing on Monday morning. 
Wink Naturals offers a 365-day, 100% Happy Guarantee on all products we sell. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to us by phone at 888-799-5656 or email at and we will make it right! Orders returned less than 30 days from the date of purchase will qualify for a 100% refund of the amount paid for the order, less any shipping and handling charges. Any order returned that is past 30 days from the date of purchase will receive 100% of the amount paid refunded in Product Credit to be used on any other product for sale in the store. 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

★★★★★ LOVE
Submitted by: Sheridan L. on 2018-02-06

My baby LOVES this teething gel. It helps & clams him down instantly, when he's teething.

★★★★★ Love
Submitted by: Rhonda S. on 2018-02-08

This product is amazing

★★★★★ Has been life Changing for
Submitted by: Taylor J. on 2018-01-14

Has been life Changing for my one year old!

★★★★★ Amazing
Submitted by: Janice H. on 2018-01-10

Great product and great customer service. Very happy with my purchase.

★★★★★ Amazing product
Submitted by: Julie A. on 2018-02-05

This teething gel is the only teething product that actually works! Don't hesitate, try it!

★★★★★ Best teething gel!
Submitted by: Eric R. on 2018-01-11

Our 5 month old was teething super early and we couldn't find a single teething toy or gel that gave him relief. Then came cool gums! He gets excited when he sees the tube and knows it is coming. Then immediately stops him from whining and crying and he often falls asleep!

★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Mykessa E. on 2018-01-12

The teething gel is awesome!! I used it for the first time on my daughter and she stopped whining instantly. Then I tried it on my mouth cause I had some teeth that were bothering me and I felt some fast relief also. Love the products you guys make!!!

★★★★★ Amazing product!
Submitted by: Katie McMillan on 2018-02-07

Not only does it work for teething but it's great for times when you bite your lip or even eat a hot cookie. My little loves the teething gel for those molars! So much less pain!

Submitted by: Jenny G. on 2018-01-13

I completely love it... my son gets very fussy... with his molars coming in.. and it just takes a few minutes for him to calm him down...! Simply love it! Recommend it 100%

★★★★★ Best fast acting teething gel
Submitted by: Kelly H. on 2018-02-09

We love this teething gel! It is always a sure way of relief for my daughter when she's teething. I love knowing its drug free, all natural and completely safe for her to have at any time. I recommend this teething gel to all my friends and family with little ones!

★★★★★ Best Teething Gel Ever!
Submitted by: Roxanna S. on 2018-01-15

I'm grateful I was introduced to this teething gel. Not only does it help my poor little guy, it helps my daughter who is constantly battling canker sores. This is a great product and you won't be disappointed.

★★★★★ Life saver
Submitted by: Zorn B. on 2018-02-10

This gel was the first product we tried of wink naturals and it has been such a game Changer for my son who now has 6 teeth. The INSTANT relief is so wonderful for both of us

★★★★★ You can't compare the taste to other gels!
Submitted by: Megan S. on 2018-01-16

This gel is awesome!! It works wonders AND the taste is so much better than any other brand and or flavor out there. One night I ran out and only had the other brand available and I gave it to my baby and she started gagging and coughing because the taste was so bad-I felt terrible. Never ever letting myself run out again. I've recommended it to several Mom friends and I even special ordered it for a friend in Italy with a teething baby.

★★★★★ Best Teething Gel!
Submitted by: Ashley A. on 2018-02-11

We love the teething gel! My kids tend to go hard when teething. My son LOVES the teething gel. He easily lets me put it on, which is saying a lot for him. He likes the taste and he is always in a better mood after using it. I love the teething gel knowing that there are no numbing agents and that it is 100% safe for him. I can use it anytime of day and not have to worry one bit.

★★★★★ Best gels ever!
Submitted by: Alaina H. on 2018-01-09

Use this on my baby almost everyday. Love gifting this to all my Mama friends!

★★★★★ Love this Stuff!!!
Submitted by: Emily C. on 2018-01-30

The teething gel is a lifesaver!!! I don't know what we would do without it! Winks is the best!


★★★★★ AMAZING!
Submitted by: Elva Tapia on 2018-07-08

My son has been teething and this gel helps him stop drooling. He LOVES the taste and specially when it is nice and cold. I like to keep one in my fridge and one in my diaper bag. LIFE SAVER for sure!!!


★★★★★ Teething is a breeze
Submitted by: Hannah Bowen on 2018-07-24

This is the first product I purchased from Wink and I was not disappointed! My baby loves the taste and it seems to be long lasting. It's free of all the yucky stuff as well! I recommend this your baby will thank you!


★★★★★ My daughter seems to like it
Submitted by: Alexandria S. on 2017-10-21

I just received my teething gel last week, but my daughter really seems to like it. She never gives me trouble when trying to apply it and I have noticed if I put it on before bedtime she sleeps better through the night. This is the first product I felt comfortable using in my daughters mouth and I think I chose the right one!


★★★★★ Wink Naturals Saved the Day!
Submitted by: Erin Y. on 2017-10-21

My poor babe has been struggling with teething and I've been struggling with finding ways to soothe his mouth without the use of harmful chemicals or scary side effects. Wink Naturals' Cooling Gel to the rescue! We kept it in the fridge per their suggestion and it's been a lifesaver when it's time to cut another tooth. My baby likes the taste and I like that it gives him some relief without having to compromise on safety. (Benzocaine and Belladonna effects are scary!) Thank you Wink Naturals!


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Nicole D. on 2017-10-31

This gel has worked wonders so far!! We have used it twice already and my daughter is a happy camper during the teething ;) You guys ROCK!


★★★★★ Love it
Submitted by: Angela W. on 2017-06-02

It works so much better for my daughter than any other product we have tried.


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Karine on 2017-06-02

Fantastic! It works so good on my teething 5 month old. Highly recommend


★★★★★ This product is ok
Submitted by: Iloona K. on 2017-06-02

I feel like it didn't help much


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Cari M. on 2017-05-19

We got our package yesterday for our teething gels. The tube is bigger than what I was,expecting and will surely last is a while. My little guy has been very miserable with cutting teeth and has not been sleeping the best. I put some of the gel on his gums yesterday because he was crying and chewing on his fingers and almost immediately he stopped. The taste didn't bother him and the teething gel seemed to help so much. I am so thankful we ordered the teething gel. Thank you for helping our little angel find some relief. So far this has been the only teething product we have used that has worked.


★★ Didn't work for my Daughter
Submitted by: Idania M. on 2017-05-20

I use it everyday and night, it doesn't help my daughter. 

★★★★★ Cool Gums Teething Gel
Submitted by: Aarika F. on 2017-05-20

My daughter brings me the tube of gel multiple times a day. She absolutely loves it!! We are fans of the Wink Fam


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Tonya W. on 2017-05-20

I absolutely love it. I'm pretty sure my daughter thanks me for it, even though she can't talk :)


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Angelica C. on 2017-05-22

Is amazing, it helped my little one who is 10month and teething also it help my dad too he had a tooth extraction and the gel is easing his gums to the point where he can eat comfortably again !! This product is amazing. it's better if you put it on the fridge for your little ones that are teething!


★★★★★ Best Teething Gel!!
Submitted by: Amber B. on 2017-05-23

This is by far the best non-drug teething gel out there. My 4 month old loves the flavor and stops screaming immediately after applying. He likes the flavor and it seems to soothe his gums well. A+!


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Stephanie D. on 2017-05-23

I love the teething gel. I actually use it on both my kids. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and is getting her top molars in. My son is almost 10 months old and is working on his 8th tooth coming in. The gel is definitely helping both of them with their pain. Thanks guys for giving us such a great product.


★★★★★ Cooling gel
Submitted by: CodyBrittiney Sutton on 2017-05-23

Tried this myself before I gave it to my daughter, needless to say. She LOVES IT! It works within seconds, she's COOL, calm and collective! She loves it. (4m old) and I love it. It's a live saver.


★★★★★ The safest thing for my Baby!!
Submitted by: Krystin Kleinlein on 2017-05-23

My little man is 10 months and get sooooo excited every time he sees this tube! It instantly helps stop the cries and whimpers. I especially like to use it right before bed or naptime. He instantly calms right down. It is a miracle in a tube!


★★★★★ Instant relief
Submitted by: Lillie-Anne Letarte on 2017-05-24

The teething gel is seriously Amazing! It brings instant relief to my teething 6 month old! Definitely stick a tube in the fridge to get it cold and it's even better.


★★★★★ AMAZING! Works great for mom too!
Submitted by: Morgan Saxon on 2017-05-24

I recently came about with an awful toothache! Saw that this had given another mom relief for her braces, so I figured I'd give it a try! SOOOOOOO AMAZING! Relief in seconds! And it tastes fantastic! I can only imagine how awesome it will work for a sweet teething little! Thanks wink for making SAFE AND EFFECTIVE products!


★★★★★ Good I think
Submitted by: Joanna P. on 2017-05-25

My daughter is only 3.5 months so it's hard to tell but she does like it the flavor I guess lol not sure how much it is really helping though!


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Emerita C. on 2017-05-25

I purchase it for my grandson. And they love it it helps him relax. Love your product


★★★★★ Great Gel
Submitted by: Jenn on 2017-05-26

My son loves this teething gel. It provides great relief and I don't have to worry about the ingredients. It is easy to use and provides instant relief.


★★★★★ Perfect gift
Submitted by: Angela S. on 2017-05-28

I wanted my sister to try some of your product so I got the free teething gel for her. Great product, even greater company.


★★★★★ It works wonders for my
Submitted by: Rishona J. on 2017-05-31

It works wonders for my daughter


★★★★★ Amazing all natural product
Submitted by: April S. on 2017-05-24

I had always used teething tablets and gel for my children and when my daughter was born in March I of course went to those products to help her find relief for her teething pain. When I read about what these products can possibly do to my daughter I immediately threw everything out and thought she would just have to have Tylenol. A couple months later Wink came out with the cooling gel. I immediately preordered the gel and couldn't wait to try it. It doesn't have that awful ingredient like the teething tablets and other gels have and we can use it as often as needed because it is all natural. When my daughter sees the tube she immediately opens her mouth and cannot wait to feel the relief. I can see an immediate difference in her after rubbing this on her gums. If you have a teething child, do not hesitate, you will not regret it. Such an amazing product made by an amazing company!


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Olga on 2017-05-25

I got the sample for my cousin's baby she is a first time mom and she loves it. She says it calms the baby within a few minutes. Thank you Wink Naturals we will continue to be part of the Wink family


★★★★★ Heaven in a tube
Submitted by: Shayna W. on 2017-05-26

This teething gel has been an absolute game changer in our home. My poor baby cut his first 4 teeth in a matter of a month and was so miserable. He is 9 months old and when he sees me grab the tube he gets so excited and opens his mouth! To him it's like he just can't get it fast enough.


★★★★★ Relief in a tube
Submitted by: Amy Taulbee-Bruce on 2017-05-26

My daughter is currently getting three teeth and the only thing that soothes her is the cooling gel! Best product of its kind on the market. If you have not purchased any yet, you are missing out!


★★★★★ Absolutely amazing!!!
Submitted by: Denishia H. on 2017-05-27

We LOVE the teething gel!! It is just another amazing Wink product for the win! With ingredients that are actually safe for the little ones, you can't go wrong!


Submitted by: Vanessa R. on 2017-05-27

My 2 year old has her molars coming in and we have had the worst last few months until we got our teething gel. Wow ! There is no way to explain how much this has helped my baby girl. She went from very cranky and uncomfortable to not remembering that she's teething! She reminds me when she needs her gel rubbed on her gums lol. Hands down best teething gel EVER !!


★★★★★ Teething Gel A+
Submitted by: Josh N Cinda Green on 2017-05-29

As a mother of nearly 9 month old twin boys, I can honestly say this product from the Wink Naturals family is amazing! I have been searching for a good teething product that was safe yet effective. Proud to report, my Baby A finally cut his very first tooth last week, and three more are coming up as well & we have used NO Tylenol and minimal teething toys with this gel! I am hooked!! Thanks, guys! We love you!! :hearts:__


★★★★★ No more discomfort!
Submitted by: Jackie S. on 2017-05-29

My 8 month old has been using this gel since it came out. We store it in the fridge for extra cooling comfort. But he goes from screaming to smiling and chewing on the tubes in no time!


★★★★★ Before using this product my
Submitted by: Sexly R. on 2017-06-01

Before using this product my baby girl would holler none stop. Every since I started this product bothered is no more crying.this product is amazing I would recommend it to everyone


★★★★★ Works great
Submitted by: Stacy W. on 2017-06-02

My son gets much needed relief


★★★★★ Best teething gel on the market
Submitted by: Rian G. on 2017-06-04

Would definitely recommend to anyone with a teething child! Doesn't numb the entire mouth like other gels and brings a whole other level of comfort.


★★★★★ Great!
Submitted by: Allison C. on 2017-06-04

Tasty and it works great!

★★★★★ I have been using the
Submitted by: Katie W. on 2017-07-20

I have been using the gel for a while now & I love it! My son actually opens his mouth so I can use it because it does not have a bad taste.


★★★★★ Awesome Stuff!
Submitted by: Larisa M. on 2017-08-16

I love that it is all natural! Peace of mind for my little one!


★★★★★ Amazing !!!!
Submitted by: Shannon M. on 2017-06-06

My daughter would scream and scream and as soon apply this gel she would calm right down !!! And trust me at first I was very secptical but let me tell you this stuff is heaven sent !!! And all natural ! Love the product !!!!!


★★★★★ Cool Gums Teething Gel
Submitted by: Courtney F. on 2017-06-06

My 4 month old has been chewing on everything! Since using the cool gums gel he is happy and no more crying while he teeths! Love this product! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural way to relieve pain from teething!


★★★★★ Cool gums
Submitted by: Veronica F. on 2017-06-07

Baby boy seemed happier after having it put on and was intrigued by the taste. Just difficult to get on the gums.


★★★★★ 5 Stars
Submitted by: Leihulu M. on 2017-06-13

Awesome natural products , chest rub smells amazing , melts taste great. Best part these products work. Thank you Wink naturals


★★★★★ Best product ever
Submitted by: Faith M. on 2017-06-14

My little guy has been teething since he was 3 months old. Believe me when I say I have tried almost every teething gel teething tablets natural this natural that to help soothe his pain nothing worked. Finally I came across this miracle cooling gel!!!!! My son is almost 12 months old now and is working on tooth number 4. When I get Cool Gums Teething Gel out he comes running!!!! Thank you for an amazing product!!!!!!!


★★★★★ Awesome product!
Submitted by: Lauryn M. on 2017-06-16

I have teething TWIN girls, and the struggle is real, y'all! I've been so apprehensive to use any type of teething gel because of all the yucky things I've read. :( Wink is not one of those yucky products! They left out all the yucky ingredients that I certainly don't want in my babies' mouths, and it WORKS! I apply before naps and bedtime and it's made a world of difference! The girls open up wide when they see it because they like how it tastes, and probably love that it makes their gums less achy! So, thanks Wink Naturals.. thanks for creating such a great product, and thanks for the extra sleep it's given to us ALL!


★★★★★ Only teething gel my daughter likes!
Submitted by: Courtney S. on 2017-06-17

I've used a few different gels and my daughter always gave me a look as if she hated the taste. The first time we used this gel she actually smiled! I even used it on a cold sore and it healed it quickly! Definitely recommend this!!


★★★★★ 3 month old
Submitted by: Mason M. on 2017-06-19

Our son has benefited emmensly from the product. However I think my wife and I have benefited more from knowing it's helping.


★★★★ Cooling gums
Submitted by: Tiffany L. on 2017-06-20

I just want to say thanks for the cooling gums it does work and great product. Thanks wink family


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: David H. on 2017-06-20

We've been using the gel on our 8 mon old for a few weeks now. It seems to be helping some and baby doesn't mind the taste,


★★★★★ Good stuff! I especially like
Submitted by: Ruth H. on 2017-06-21

Good stuff! I especially like that it's an all natural product to use safely on my baby!


★★★★★ Awesome
Submitted by: Monica S. on 2017-06-21

Being a first time I was a bit skeptical about using a product I've never heard of , a friend recommended it she posted how happy she was with the product on Facebook, I decided to give it a try , I was happy , it works, and I also decided to buy the vapor rub which after a nice warm bath and some teething gel my baby eats and falls asleep, no fussy baby , one happy mom!! Recommend it


★★★★★ Amazing teething gel!
Submitted by: Hayley J. on 2017-06-24

Calms my daughter immediately! Great product! Will be ordering again soon.


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Cindy S. on 2017-06-25

I love this product it really helped my baby with her teething. As soon as I put it on her her fussiness stops and she's a happy baby again.


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Summer on 2017-06-26



★★★★★ Great product
Submitted by: Denise R. on 2017-06-27

Baby loves it! Helps sooth his gums. Also customer service is great at making sure we were satisfied. Thank you! Would recommend to other moms!


★★★ Unsure
Submitted by: Mallory B. on 2017-07-02

I think its working but it hasn't gotten real bad yet.


★★★★★ This stuff is awesome
Submitted by: Jazmin D. on 2017-06-25

Before I started using Wink Naturals teething gel my son was miserable he would crying nonstop I was going crazy not knowing what to do. Then I found Wink Naturals and I couldn't be any happier my son loves it! Happy baby happy mama!


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Allie W. on 2017-06-28

I bought the Cooling Gums Teething Gel for my 16 month old son and 18 month old niece. It has helped them both so much! My son is getting his molars right now and he points to the teething gel when he wants it! Thank you for making a safe product that works! :)


★★★★★ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!
Submitted by: Emily C. on 2017-06-29

My daughter has been using the Teething Gel for several months now and we both could not be happier! Not only is it a natural teething solution, but IT WORKS! She instantly stops crying once she notices me grab the tube, knowing sweet relief will soon follow. I have recommended it to all of my friends with little ones, and will continue to do so in the future! Thanks Wink Team for creating such an amazing product!!!!


★★★★★ Love it
Submitted by: Virginia R. on 2017-07-04

I love that it's all natural product plus I like the tip of putting it in the fridge I feel like it works better that way it's definitely instant relief


★★★★★ Love it
Submitted by: Maria A. on 2017-07-06

My little boy love it.


★★★★★ Thank You!
Submitted by: Abdalla B. on 2017-07-06

My son loved it! He's almost 7 months and teething.. he has been very cranky but this product has helped him get over the teething pains he's going through ugh! Thank uou!


★★★★★ Teething 5 month old.
Submitted by: Laura G. on 2017-07-07

So Iv previously bought the chest rub, melatonin melts and drops and all are great so I thought I'd give the teething gel a try and so far so good. My daughter is chewing at everything she can get a hold of. I tried a little amount of the gel on her gums and the crying and chewing stopped. She made a few funny faces but it stopped her from hurting. Iv recommended this product to my friends with teething babies. Now this momma needs to try the zen drops. So glad I found Wink!


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Julie E. on 2017-07-10

We like the teething gel! Seems to help soothe my sons gums :blush:


★★★★★ really good
Submitted by: Jennifer A. on 2017-07-12

Really helped my baby boy to go through this! Thanks!


★★★★★ Loved it
Submitted by: Jennifer A. on 2017-07-13

It really helped my baby!


★★★★★ COOL gums teething gel
Submitted by: Lindsay C. on 2017-07-13

Great product! Great taste! Works very fast as well.


★★★ I don't know how much
Submitted by: Amanda W. on 2017-07-13

I don't know how much it actually helps, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something for those more teeth coming in.


★★★★★ Best teething gel ever!
Submitted by: Alaina H. on 2017-07-16

We are so in love with this teething gel!! Our son loves how the gel cools his gums, it definitely comforts him and he doesn't take long to fall asleep right after I use the gel. I had to buy a set for my sister right away and recommend to all my mama friends!!! About to get purchase some more! :thumbsup::type_3:


★★★★★ LOVE this gel!
Submitted by: Ariana V. on 2017-07-17

I was originally a hylands teething tablets user with my first born, so when I discovered they discontinued them I was upset and really refused to give my new baby anything else because most teething gels come with benzocaine and I was not about to put any of that in his mouth. Im SO glad I discovered wink naturals! This has worked even better than hylands did with my oldest. My little one almost instantly calms down after being fussy from his gums bothering him and sleeps sooo much better at night and during nap time as well. I'm most definitely going to continue to buy this gel as well as try some of their other products as well! Thanks wink naturals!


★★★★★ SO great! My LO loves it!
Submitted by: Adrian S. on 2017-07-19

This gel works wonders!


★★★★★ Effective!
Submitted by: Ashleigh P. on 2017-07-19

I give this to my four month old and it seems to help her a lot, I love being able to give her something that doesn't have anything weird or toxic in it!


★★★★★ Sanity for momma!
Submitted by: Anna Q. on 2017-07-21

To be honest, I was skeptical of how well this would work. But really. My six month old always smiles when I give it to her, so I know it's a sweet relief. And the sanity is well worth every penny!


★★★★★ Must buy
Submitted by: Tasia W. on 2017-07-28

This cooling gel is so worth the buy instant relief for my 9 month old she has been teething for awhile, only thing that helps relieve her pain.


★★★★★ Amazing!
Submitted by: Jessica A. on 2017-07-28

I saw an add for this natural teething gel so I stocked up on it months before I thought my 3 month old would start teething. But she's been fussy and drooling a lot this week and when we couldn't get her to stop crying one day, we tried some of this gel on her gums and she instantly stopped crying. Guess we have an early teether! I am so happy with this product and love that it's natural and I'm not putting a ton of harsh chemicals in my baby's mouth! I would 110% recommend!


★★★★★ Wow!
Submitted by: Christina V. on 2017-07-28

This really works, I love the cooling sensation on gums after use. I also love that it is safe enough to give to my little one.


★★★★★ This works!
Submitted by: Kayla S. on 2017-07-31

I can definitely tell my baby feels better after using this! However, she doesn't like the minty taste. Overall, great product


★★★★★ Cool gums gel
Submitted by: Bailee T. on 2017-07-31

My son loves the taste, and it seems to work better than orajel


★★★★★ It works!
Submitted by: Kelly D. on 2017-08-02

I was skeptical, but this stuff really calmed my little guy down when he was cutting his first tooth!


★★★★★ Love
Submitted by: Ashley M. on 2017-08-03

I am in love with this product I love that it natural thank you wink !!!


★★★★★ So helpful!
Submitted by: Mattie B. on 2017-08-03

My LO gums were hurting her so badly and I saw wink from an AD online. Best purchase I've made so far for teething!


★★★★★ Teething relief finally!
Submitted by: Allison M. on 2017-08-03

I tried dozens of teething toys and remedies to relieve my infant's sore gums. We reluctantly resorted to Tylenol for a particularly bad bout of a few weeks, but this seems to provide the same nighttime relief without the drugs. A lifesaver!


★★★★★ Great item
Submitted by: Samantha L. on 2017-08-04

Purchased the teething gel, it works amazing, and its natural.


★★★★★ Love that it's natural!
Submitted by: Jenna H. on 2017-08-04

Love so much that this is all natural and that it works!


★★★★★ Teething Gel - its Great!!
Submitted by: Christy M. on 2017-08-04

The gel is really great. It worked instantly on my daughters swollen gums and she must like the taste because she sucks every bit of it off my finger ;) thanks for creating a great product!


★★★★★ Cooling gel
Submitted by: Tammy L. on 2017-08-04

Thank you for the great product


★★★★★ Best Teething Gel!!
Submitted by: Emielouise L. on 2017-08-04

I tried orajel with my daughter and she hated it! She would make gagging faces and she would cry whenever I put it on her gums. With the cool gums teething gel she would actually smile whenever she sees the tube because she loves it!


★★★★★ Love the teething gel!
Submitted by: Kayla S. on 2017-08-05

The teething gel has worked wonders for my little one. He loves the taste, and calms down once I apply to it his gums. I love that its all natural and safe for my little guy.


★★★★★ Immediately calms baby, I don't
Submitted by: Whitney J. on 2017-08-05

Immediately calms baby, I don't know if it's the peppermint taste but, it works!


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Kristen F. on 2017-08-05

My son loved this! Great product!


★★★★★ Noticed a difference within 5min
Submitted by: Kelly B. on 2017-08-07

Thank you so much! This gel has been a lifesaver in the middle of the night!! Thank you for providing a safe AND effective option.


★★★★★ Works quickly!
Submitted by: Stephanie S. on 2017-08-08

Works quickly!


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Rosalinda P. on 2017-08-08

My baby stop crying and is more at peace now that we are putting this gel on her gums. I definitely recommend this product.


★★★★★ Happy baby
Submitted by: Stacy S. on 2017-08-11

Happy baby


★★★★★ Love it!
Submitted by: Sarah S. on 2017-08-11

This has quickly become a routine part of our day! It helps with his molars!


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Kristin F. on 2017-08-11

Love it!


★★★★★ Perfect Timing
Submitted by: Tara F. on 2017-08-06

When my son started teething I immediately went out and bought another brand of teething tablets. Little did I know they were recalled for toxic risk!!! I was so upset that something like that was even allowed on the market. Here I almost a year later (and still teething...ugh) I came across Wink teething gel. I was immediately sold after they explained how SAFE these are for our kiddos. Once I received them in the mail, I was not disappointed. They help to soothe my son even while he is getting his two-year molars, yikes. Thanks Wink!!!!


Submitted by: Sarah R. on 2017-08-06

My 2nd child is teething and right when the teething started, hylanda tablets went off the market and I couldn't find anything natural I felt I could trust. When I came upon wink naturals via an add on instagram, I bought it to give it a shot and it works!!! My 7 month old loves the taste too. He thinks he is getting something to eat. I prob use it 4 times a day and once at night. No teeth popping through yet but he is much happier and sleeping at night and naps better. I am SO glad I came across wink naturals.


★★★★★ Love!
Submitted by: Jeri M. on 2017-08-07

I was skeptical at first and I have always used the store brands but then it seemed like those didn't help anymore. So I thought let's try it out! This was my 2nd time ordering the two pack for my son. It helps him so much and I will never go back to the store kind :grin:


★★★★★ Best teething remedy
Submitted by: Hollie B. on 2017-08-10

I absolutely LOVED this teething gel! Fortunately we only had to use it sparingly...but every time we do my daughter licks it off my finger! I love that it is all natural so I don't have to worry!


★★★★★ Awesome product!
Submitted by: Sarah W. on 2017-08-10

My baby is only 4 months old and this stuff is like magic! When she starts to get cranky because her teeth are bothering her, I'll put a dab of wink naturals on her gums and she is able to relax and usually she falls asleep. It's so nice knowing she is not in any discomfort after putting this product on her gums! I have nothing but good things to say about this company and product. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a teething child.


★★★★★ Cool gums teething gel
Submitted by: Kortney M. on 2017-08-11

we have only used it a few times but so far it works great. Being mom I had to try it before giving to my son and it has a great minty flavor. I won't leave home with out it once my baby is in full teething mode.


★★★★★ Absolutely amazing!
Submitted by: Michelle G. on 2017-08-11

This teething gel works like a charm for my 17-month-old! He tends to cut several teeth at once and is currently cutting 5, including a molar. We_ve tried other gels (even ones with belladonna), and they didn_t work even close to as well as this. Especially when I put it in the fridge and put it on his gums cold, it_s an absolute lifesaver. I just ordered 10 more tubes. Highly recommended for parents who are wary of using harmful substances with their children especially.


★★★★★ Wink teething gel...a complete winner
Submitted by: Karen R. on 2017-08-11

I tried numerous things before finding this and nothing worked. Then to find out abou all the harsh chemicals. I love this stuff and have told several of my friends about it. They have also went online to purchase!


★★★★★ Awesome stuff
Submitted by: Jen B. on 2017-08-11

Second time purchasing as gifts! We love this stuff for cool, immediate relief on baby's gums! And she seems to love it, too! We don't have any teeth yet, but we're working on one, and this gel has certainly helped a ton so far!


★★★★★ Nice and cool
Submitted by: Ashley K. on 2017-08-11

Teething 1 year old that pops multiple teeth every time. This worlds like a charm and last about a hour


★★★★ Loved it
Submitted by: Kyrsten M. on 2017-08-13

Great product! It really works, and I don't feel guilty giving it to my daughter whenever she needs some relief.


★★★★★ Excellent!
Submitted by: Cynthia P. on 2017-08-14

This product really works!


★★★★ Love it!
Submitted by: Taylor B. on 2017-08-14

Just a little bit helps the pain right away! Love that I don_t have to be worried because the ingredients are so natural!


★★★★★ Cooling Gel for Painful Gums
Submitted by: Katie M. on 2017-08-11

My little one is 6 months old and already has 2 teeth. He's a pretty sensitive baby and doesn't like to be in pain. We've used a natural teething oil before trying the Wink Natural brand and the effects are similar but the cooling gel lasts longer and doesn't have a taste or smell. The fussiness disappears almost instantly. We've only had it for a few weeks, but the effects and customer service of Wink Naturals has gotten our attention! I'd recommend to any mum or pop who's baby needs gum relief, during the teething process.


★★★★★ Winks cooling gel
Submitted by: Holly H. on 2017-08-12

I was terrified of using orajel when my pediatrician recommended against it, and I felt helplesss not knowing what to give my baby for relief. Winks cooling gel has saved our lives and our sleep schedule. My little one is one happy girl as long as she's got her cooking gel.


★★★★★ Better alternative
Submitted by: Kayti T. on 2017-08-13

I've started using this teething gel as a replacement for a less natural option that I used with my first child. So far, my 7 month old seems pleased & therefore so am I!


★★★★★ Cool gums teething gel
Submitted by: Angela F. on 2017-08-13

Love this product !!! Not only because is natural, but because it works .. My 6 month old is cutting teeth and was very whinny after the first application of cool gums teething gel she stopped :) ( one HAPPY Mamma ) now we carry a tube with us everywhere we go .. I even tried it to see how it taste and it's got a great taste.placing a new order soon just to have extra on hand to share with my friends :)


★★★★★ COOL Gums Teething Gel is a lifesaver!
Submitted by: Jenise S. on 2017-08-16

My little one stared teething at 2 months and recommended age to use other teething products was 3 months. So thankful to have found that Wink Naturals makes a product that is safe to use on my girl. She went from cranky to happy in minutes with just one application! Thank you!


★★★★★ Peace of mind
Submitted by: Tamiko M. on 2017-08-16

I haven't used the gel very much yet, but it has seemed to help my 5-month-old in the few times I have used it so far. Regardless, I am thankful to know I am giving her safe ingredients.


★★★★★ My baby loves it!
Submitted by: Elizabeth R. on 2017-08-17

I ordered the teething gel for my little guy and he loves it! He opens his mouth wide when he sees me putting some gel on my finger to give to him. It's great at night time when it seems to bother him the most.


★★★★★ Teething twins
Submitted by: Laura H. on 2017-08-17

This gel has helped soothe my babies gums and return the household to a happy place again! Very pleased with our purchase.


★★★★★ Begging for More
Submitted by: Natalie R. on 2017-08-18

I wasn't a believer until when I was putting the gel away in the bathroom cabinet, my 15 MO was whining and pointing to it, literally begging for more of the gel! Thankful that he likes it and for the relief!

★★★★★ Calming
Submitted by: Kelsey A. on 2017-08-18

I bought the teething gel to use on my son and he enjoys when I massage it on his gums a few times a day! It calms him down when his teeth are really bothering him. Happy I found a natural alternative to oragel!


★★★★★ Just wished it would last longer
Submitted by: Maesa B. on 2017-08-18

I love that this is an all natural product and my baby seems to love the taste almost so much she sucks it off my finger before I can even get to rub on her gums. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it doesn't seem to give a lasting relief. Typically it will calm her down right away but then she seems to be back in pain moments later


★★★★★ love
Submitted by: Tina S. on 2017-06-27

love this stuff


★★★★★ Teething gel
Submitted by: Larry B. on 2017-06-30

Love the teething gel it helps sp much and I love the fact it's a natural product. I have been recommending it to all of my mommy friends.


★★★★★ Relief

Submitted by: Katelyn H. on 2017-08-18

I used Hyland's teething tablets with my first and had some leftover that I used with my second that offered great relief. I was in desperate need of something comparable that would work for us and this is it!!! I tried it myself before giving it to my child and there is a slight numbing/cooling sensation but not overwhelming like oragel. I had no reservations about over numbing or inhibiting the ability to swallow. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone!


★★★★★ Awesome product!
Submitted by: Melissa M. on 2017-08-18

I love ordering from this company!


★★★★★ Love this gel!
Submitted by: Crystal H. on 2017-08-18

I have not been able to find anything else that has worked so fast. I can literally see it starting to work within a minute of my daughter. I love that it is safe and natural so I can use it when she needs and not have to make her wait. Thank you!


★★★★★ Great product!
Submitted by: Vanessa H. on 2017-08-18

My normally picky daughter loves the taste and doesn't scream when I put this on her gums at all. Helps calm her down almost immediately and I don't worry about the ingredients or it being bad to give her more than once per day when needed!


★★★★★ Great Product
Submitted by: Melissa S. on 2017-08-19

I have always been skeptical on using any product for teething but my son was getting his molars and was just in so much pain. I was sick of dosing him up with motrin and wanted him to get that instant relief. I ordered the product based on reviews and tried it the same night. I could tell instantly he felt better. We have been using it off an on now for a few weeks with teeth popping up all over and it has really helped him get better sleep. I def recommend this product to anyone who is going through a bad teething stage.


★★★★★ Definitely takes the edge off
Submitted by: Emily R. on 2017-08-19

My 7 month old is an awful teether. He is cutting teeth #4 and #5 and so far they have all taken weeks to cut through from first teething signs. He is very restless when they are physically cutting through and so far this teething gel has been a nighttime lifesaver! A little on his gums and he is asleep in minutes! We use it in the day as well and it definitely eases the pain. He goes from fussy and clingy to playing happily with toys. I would definitely recommend this product!


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Joni M. on 2017-08-21

My little one was teething bad and I wanted to know that what I was putting on her gums was safe to use. I'm so glad I purchased Wink Naturals because it worked like magic!! She was out of pain almost instantly and back to her happy self.


★★★★★ Amazing with my sons canines.
Submitted by: Mitchell B. on 2017-08-21

My son got all four canines at once and this gel was amazing. It helped him a lot with the pain he was in.


★★★★★ Soothing Relief
Submitted by: Katelyn V. on 2017-08-22

My three month old has already started cutting teeth. Teething toys and mitts weren't doing the trick, so I thought I'd give the Cool Gums teething gel a try--and I'm so glad I did. My daughter is finally getting some relief. I can't wait to try more products! Thank you!


★★★★★ Amazing Product!!!
Submitted by: Jeffrey B. on 2017-08-22

I Love the Teething Gel!! They aren't as harsh as the other teething numbing products! I love it & so does my babies! It's a Life Saver!!!


★★★★★ Amazing!
Submitted by: Chelsea G. on 2017-08-22

I bought for my teething 4 month old. First night we used it he slept for SIX straight hours! After many restless nights this is the only product that brought him any relief from teething pain. Drug free, reasonable priced and works wonders... Why buy anything else!?


Submitted by: Stephanie E. on 2017-08-25

I am very pleased to have discovered this product, it works great and best of all it is completely safe for my baby! Thanks Wink, ;)


★★★★★ Fast acting gel
Submitted by: Denise C. on 2017-08-26

Works as soon as you put it on. Smells and tastes yummy. My twins are relieved and sleep almost instantly.


★★★★★ So far so good!
Submitted by: Leslie K. on 2017-08-27

This is our second order of this, and it seems to work well. Our little girl is super cooperative when we put it on, as I think it feels and tastes good.


★★★★★ The Teething Gel is a winner!
Submitted by: Amy C. on 2017-08-24

My son loves this teething gel -- he gets excited now when he sees me grab the tube, and, if he's fussy, immediately calms down when I give it to him. The best part is, I know it's safe so I don't ever worry about giving it to him. We love it!


★★★★★ Simply the best!!!
Submitted by: Stephanie H. on 2017-08-24

Seriously, this is the best teething gel I have come across that provides instant relief to my little one. Oh and she lovessss the minty taste of it!!! I am definitely a customer for life! I can't wait to try even more of your products.


★★★★★ Cooling gel
Submitted by: Tiffany K. on 2017-08-24

Super excited to try the cooling gel out on my 6 month old who got her first tooth! She's taking it like a champ but I really wanted to have a product I could trust on hand when need be!


★★★★★ Life Saver
Submitted by: Hannah R. on 2017-08-25

When our little man started teething at 3.5 months, it took us by surprise. We needed something fast! I remembered seeing an ad for Wink and decided to try it. It arrived quickly and we are very happy with how quickly and well it works! It gives him relief as soon as it hits his gums and I love that it makes his breath smell fresh! It has been a life saver when he wakes up with tooth pain. I give him the gel and he goes right back to sleep. I keep three tubes. One by his crib, one in the diaper bag, and one in the fridge so the cold can provide some extra relief.


★★★★★ Best all natural product
Submitted by: Elaine J. on 2017-08-26

This is by far the best natural teething gel that I have ever used, , my little girl loves it and I feel so much better giving it to her knowing there is no harmful numbing agents in it. I keep it in the refrigerator for extras coolness when it's needed. Thank you Wink xxx


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Samantha D. on 2017-08-28

I am so excited to have found a natural product to use for teething! My son just got done cutting all 4 canines and now his two year molars are coming in. This is a great product and provides him with relief. Thanks, Wink!


★★★★★ Works great!
Submitted by: Emily S. on 2017-08-28

Works great!


★★★★★ As a first time mom,
Submitted by: Alex K. on 2017-08-28

As a first time mom, I am always worried about doing the very best for my baby. I loved that Winks products didn't make me worry about potential side affects or choking like some of the other teething products on the market did. Thank for making an amazing product that gives mom peace of mind!


★★★★★ Teething Gel
Submitted by: Shelly L. on 2017-08-29

I love this product! My son is having a hars time with his teething and this gel helps! He has even gotten to where when he sees me put some on my finger he opens his mouth, so he likes it too!


★★★★★ She likes it :)
Submitted by: Ashley D. on 2017-08-30

Can't say that it calms my baby but she certainly likes the way it tastes and allows me to apply it! She seems to get some relief, that's always the goal!


★★★★★ love this product!
Submitted by: Mariah R. on 2017-08-30

We've been using this since my daughter was about 3 months old, and it's the only thing I was comfortable giving her due to her age, and due to the ingredients (hooray for all natural!) It works great for her still, 3+ months later, and it's the only product I'll use for her and future babies. Thank you for making a product like this for crunchy mom's like me!


★★★★★ Cool Gums
Submitted by: Natalee S. on 2017-08-31

I'm not going to lie I was on the fence about trying one more thing for my daughter who is teething . I felt like I had tried everything, but I am SO happy I found Wink Naturals Cool Gums! It's amazing! It has helped so much! I even put it in the refrigerator to add a cooling effect to it which she loves! My daughter has two teeth so far and this product works magic without any yucky stuff in it that causes her whole mouth to go numb. The people at Wink Naturals are awesome and were quick in responding to any questions I had. I will definitely be ordering cool Gums again and will be trying out the other products they have! :hugging:


★★★★★ Good product, packaging needs work
Submitted by: Tia O. on 2017-09-01

My teething baby really likes the gel and I like that I can use it often since it's natural. I bought this with a deal so I didn't feel too bad about my purchase; however, at full price or even with a small percentage off, the tubes should feel much more filled up. They feel half empty and require a fair amount of squeezing to get product out. Other brands feel full at the beginning. Also, the picture didn't match the color of product I got. It confused me at first, but didn't bother me too much. I'm thinking I got the product packaging that is the older version? Maybe that's why I got a deal? So they could clear the old inventory? I'm hoping that if they have new inventory that this means they fixed the problem of it not feeling full. I'll continue using the product because I think it's fantastic! I just think the tubes should feel more full.


★★★★★ Instant relief for my son!
Submitted by: Naoma H. on 2017-09-01

As soon as I put it on his gums it's immediate relief for him. We've tried teething everything and he's been absolutely miserable. Thankfully I found this, I love it!!

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