Ways to Stay Sane as a New Mom

Becoming a mother is truly one of the most incredible experiences. There really aren’t many words to describe the experience or the transition into motherhood and for some it is exhilarating, and for others it is completely exhausting. Either way, I think most would agree that it is overwhelming, to say the least. I am a first time mom and experienced many of the emotions and stressors that come with bringing a new little baby home and here are some of the ways that I was able to stay sane.   Have a TV show that you enjoy watching. Those...

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5 tips for Getting Back into the School Groove

Informational Sleep

School is just around the corner and the need for schedules and routine are knocking at your door. Trying to break the summer habits of late nights, sleeping in (or not sleeping at all!), constant snacking, and a do-whatever-you-want attitude can be hard to break. Here are some tips for easing back into the swing of things and starting the school year off healthy, rested and ready to conquer the year.   1. Sleep. This is number one for a reason. Every teacher and administrator pleads with parents to “please make sure your children get good sleep”. It helps with...

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


What to take to the hospital I read a lot of posts about what to take to the hospital and what I would need. In all honesty, I didn't need much. I spent most of my time in my hospital gown and sitting in the bed holding my new sweet baby. Here are a few items that I did need and use: 1. Outfit for the baby to go home in 2. Outfit/change of clothes for you (robe/sweats) 3. Make up/ tooth brush/ hair brush (after 17 hours of labor and laying in bed for even longer, it did feel...

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Benefits of Non-Nanoparticle Zinc Oxide

baby ingredients

Zinc oxide is a fine mineral powder that makes up 40% of our bum balm. It’s a natural alternative to the usual chemicals used in many diaper creams. It is also a common ingredient in natural sunscreens. Zinc oxide makes a great diaper cream or sunscreen base because of it’s water insoluble properties. That means if you mix some zinc oxide with water, it will not dissolve into the water; it will remain water and powder. This property becomes extremely useful when being applied to the skin. Water will bead on top of the zinc, but will not break the...

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These are the items that I have found work really great for us! Everyone's list is different for different reasons but these 10 items have honestly made this first year pretty breezy for us.  1. Nose Frida/Nasal Spray: I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this contraption until my baby got her first cold at 3 months old. This was a total lifesaver and allowed my baby to breath clearer and easier while congested. The nasal spray is so easy to use and helps to clear and lubricate the nasal passageways. See Here > 2. Owlet:...

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