Kid’s Melts & Chest Rub Bundle Sleep System

100% Effective, Safe and Natural. Sleep Guaranteed.

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Clay Plush Pack

BACK IN STOCK! Reusable Heating and Cooling Relief

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Cool Gums Teething Gel 5 Pack

100% Drug/belladonna-free. No nonsense here. Only cooling magic.

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Healing Llama Lotion 2 Pack

Smoothing and healing for every body

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Baby Bum Balm

No dyes, or fragrances. Just pure healing goodness.

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Ultimate Teethers Bundle

Irritated gums, stuffy noses, and diaper rash — gone. Teething solved.

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Kid’s Liquid Sleep Drops 60 Doses

60 doses of Natural berry flavored liquid dreams.

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Our mission is to impact and strengthen families

What do you get when you combine amazing products with a viable business opportunity? You get a real chance to change the world.

Why we're celebrating the FDA's recent announcement

From the beginning, our mission has stayed the same: natural products that are safe and effective for the entire family. Do you know the difference between "Natural" and "Homeopathic"? You should.

As soon as I put it on his gums it’s immediate relief for him. We’ve tried everything and he’s been absolutely miserable. Thankfully I found this, I love it!

Naomi H.

My son has very dry skin on his face and I have tried every lotion out there and this is the only lotion that has kept his skin soft. Awesome product!!!

Sandra C.

Cannot live without these! My son has special needs and now he can finally get to sleep & stay asleep instead of only a couple hours of sleep each night!

Kimberly O.

I have suffered from anxiety since I was a child. These anxiety drops are the first thing I have found that helps me. I highly recommend this product to anyone that suffers from anxiety.

Amy T.

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